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Title: Magic’s Justice Author: Keira Marcos Betas: Chris King & Ladyholder Series: Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond Episode: 28 Fandom: Harry Potter Relationship: Harry/Hermione Word Count: 21,283 Warnings: This episode contains a somewhat graphic description of a ritual sacrifice of a young woman—mutilation and cannibalism are briefly discussed. Author’s Note: You know I hate Ron and Ginny Weasley, right?See Series page for further author notes, warnings, and ratings.However, if there are other indicators, then the trines and sextiles certainly add to the strength of the relationship.Close contacts between one person's Sun and another person's Ascendant are also strong indicators of Soulmate possibilities.Clarke was working at a gallery VERY part time as she was raising kids, and when this opportunity with Indra came up, Clarke didn't really want to tell her wife no.Lexa is never home, and Clarke feels like a single parent. We spend much of our life trying to “find our way” - to true love, to our dreams, to new beginnings, and to a better life.

Ratings, tags, and warnings subject to change as the story progresses.If they were going to make their home in Britain, which was Hermione’s preference, then their appearing in public had to be Miss Mc Gonagall? “We can look forward to a scathing article about that.” “I’m seeing spots,” Hermione exclaimed. I’ve been very gracious about contributing to their magazine! Thaddeus guided them both into a lift and it closed on the crowd.Harry relaxed against the wall as the car started to move and fiddled with a little ring she was wearing on her wand hand. ” “Oh, it was Mum’s sweet sixteen ring,” Hermione admitted.and something else about KARMIC relationship clues: One of the classic marks of a strong relationship is a close conjunction between one person's Sun and the other person's Moon.Squares and oppositions are also strong, but the soft angles of trines and sextiles are not strong indicators in and of themselves.

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