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If you feel like you are going to hurt yourself, reach out right away to an adult, like your parents.Though there's a voice actor on each of the girls profiles, the voices have not been added yet.But for others there is a niggling worry: is it really okay to skip periods? If you think about it, there are several times in a woman’s life when it’s totally normal to have no period, not just as a girl or later in life, but also when pregnant or breastfeeding. Periods are a coordinated effort between the brain, the ovaries, and the uterus (or womb).

Girls who are attracted to other girls are often called lesbians. At one time, some straight people used the word as an insult. Some transgender people have surgery to change their bodies to fit who they feel they are.

With good behavior, Magney could be eligible for parole after serving 18 years.

But he is likely a candidate for indefinite civil commitment after serving his prison sentence, given his repeated history of rape offenses.

Click on the “resources” tab for information about internet safety education.

You may have heard a few different terms describing sexual orientation. Heterosexual: People who are heterosexual are attracted to members of the "opposite" sex. Bisexual: People who are bisexual are romantically and physically attracted to both guys and girls. People who are transgender say that the gender of their body does not match who they feel they are as a person.

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